Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today's Music

My weekly roundup of the stuff I'm listening to

Sufjan Stevens - Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lake State
Yes, I got caught sleeping on this fella. All the critics were going on about him at the end of last year and I just yawned and ignored the hype. I'm not even certain when I procured this particular album, but for now I bury my cynicism. This dude has melodies by the bucket and he's making beautiful noise by the lake. I need to check out the more recent Illinoise and you should definitely check them both out.

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Saw Ghostface at Columbia U last week and he performed a bunch of cuts off this. Got me good and into Wu-Tang again.

Hot Chip - Coming On Strong
These guys sucked in concert and couldn't get their equipment to work properly. Heard they had the same performance problems at SXSW. On the other hand, the album is a nice bit of weird. The album is full of mellow singing like you might expect from a pervy lounge singer in Miami paired with teeny electronic bleeps and little funk rhythms. Some of the tracks build up to a very cool, dirty electronic energy that'll definitely get your head nodding. It's definitely quirky indy/geek stuff, but it ain't bad.

Ryan Adams - "Wonderwall" - Heard this song on some Youtube video and was so pleased to negates the need to ever listen to the whiny Oasis original again. Thank you Mr. Adams. I'll be investigating your catalogue further.
The Pixies - "Hey" - Heard this on another Youtube video, by the same girl on whose video I found the previous song. She's definitely got some taste in music, cause this song bloody rocks. It's poppier and more accesible than the other Pixies stuff I've listened to (read Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim and little else).

Honestly this doesn't even scratch the surface of the music I'm listening to any given moment. In the half day I've been home today, I've played at least six albums. I walk in the apartment and start the music before I even take off my coat. This section will generally just allow me to throw out some stuff I think is worth talking about.

I'd also like to mix in some reviews, in depth explorations of albums, genres and artists and possibly throw in some mixes on the site in general. We'll see how that goes. I'm anticipating posting two or three times a week to get things started.

Peace and fruit loops.


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