Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Outkast - Rightful Order

Fuck what you heard, this is the ranking

(Not a bad track on either of those albums. Funny to realize just how hard Volvo driving, vegeteranian space freak Mr. 3000 used to come those days - "Talk bad bout the A-Town, I bust you in your fucking mouth," "3-5-7 to your fo'head, there'll be mo' dead
cause I'ma pro, kid
But Lord forgive me, I gots to keep my Milli right Be-near me
My nine be doin fine until these niggaz wants to clear me off my street." Talk that shit Andre. These guys really need to do that new album.

Speakerboxx sits in here I think, or perhaps below Aquemini. It's a good album with lots of fun stuff, solid and interesting. Let's say it has four stand out tracks, "Ghetto musick," "Bowtie," "Last Call" and that Big Boi shit, "The Way You Move" and then the rest of the album is pretty good but not mind blowing.

And then there's Aquemini. I know everyone always goes on about how this is the best of Outkast, but honestly, it doesn't really do it for me. I've had periods of thinking it the best of Outkast, then I actually listen to it and realize how little I like it. There are tracks that really rock it for me like "Return of the G," "Skew It on the Bar-B" and "Da Art of Storytellin," but the rest is more okay than excellent. There are some really righteous verses on shit like "Liberation" and "Y'all Scared" (Andre is a monster on this), but musically they don't really rock my socks off.

Tied for last are Stankonia and The Love Below. Stankonia, an incoherent mess of an album that has some truly amazing tracks but really doesn't work as an album and has about 150 skits too many. The Love Below is an album that I totally loved and was my only CD purchase of that year. I also got a bunch of people to buy it because I was so totally excited about it. Truth of the matter is though, it's not a very good album. Despite containing that rare beast, the entirely perfect pop song, "Hey Ya," for the most part it's a weak and unconvincing album. There are some great songs, "Spread," "Protoype," "She Lives in My Lap" and the superb but unfinished "A Day in the Life of Benjamin Andre" but there is also way too much filler. Awesomish but gimmicky tracks like "Happy Valentine's Day" and "Behold a Lady" coexist with mediocre stuff like "Love Hater" and "Pink and Blue" and downright awful (if seemingly cool at first) shit like "My Favorite Things." In case you don't get it, what I'm saying is that I was wrong, this album is not the bees knees, it's pretty damn bad, at least as a stand alone album judged on it's own merits. I can't argue with Andre making it. A man's got the right to expand in whatever direction he wants to and can, but I don't think he acheived what it is he wanted to do with this.


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